The timetables in the south of the Netherlands and Belgium are not yet properly coordinated for passengers in the border region. EurekaRail is therefore working to bring about a better connection between Maastricht and Liège and establish a good train connection on the Weert – Hamont – Antwerp route.

Weert and Hamont are a short distance apart and are linked by existing track, but there are no regular passenger services. This missing link will connect the main rail networks in Belgium and the south of the Netherlands.

Current situation

Antwerp – Mol – Hamont -> an hourly service at present with a diesel train.
Hamont – Weert -> there is a track but there are no regular services.

Desired situation

Fast and frequent connections between the Belgian and Dutch rail networks, resulting in a rapid, comfortable travelling option from the south of the Netherlands to Antwerp and other destinations.

Required interventions

  • In Belgium, electrification of the Mol – Hamont line is needed up to the Dutch border. The European Union made funding available for this purpose in June 2017.
  • In the Netherlands, electrification is needed between Weert and Hamont on the Belgian–Dutch border.
  • The safety system on the route must be adjusted.
  • Weert station must be given greater capacity to receive trains.